New Fiction at Little Fiction: "The Loneliest Creature on Earth"

I was watching a Shriner's Hospital commercial one night, and I thought about writing a children's hospital story with a nod to Lorrie Moore's "People Like That Are the Only People Here," but after it went through the filter of my weird little mind, this is what came out instead. Thanks, Little Fiction. for publishing my quirky little story, "The Loneliest Creature on Earth": 

"Later, we will explain to you at your mother’s wake, that the final month was the worst for our son. Not because of his incapacitation or the anti-contamination chamber, but because there simply weren’t enough kind people like you to come and visit him. No one for him to tell, for instance, that the man who found the 5000-year-old corpse named the Iceman in 1991 was also found frozen dead in ice in 1994. And goodness knows, we stopped listening to him months ago."

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