"Eat a Peach" at Chicago Quarterly Review!

Thrilled to see my story "Eat a Peach" in the latest issue of Chicago Quarterly Review! I wrote first draft in bed in a hotel room overlooking the Hollywood Hills, before getting up, knowing I was onto something special. I'm glad it found such a special home to match. Thanks to editor Elizabeth McKenzie and everyone who workshopped the piece:

"Lynn wonders what it would be like if she were the one speaking for once. What she would say. What it would be life if someone rubbed her shoulders, knuckled the back of her neck to relieve her headache. To release the heaviness from her heart. She wants to burrow in some corner of Los Angeles and start a garden, have a small yard and a cat. She doesn’t want much. In a city where there are so many fantasies, she wants a reality."