New Fiction: "Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken" at Superstition Review

"It wasn’t until years later, when Julia began writing him out of the blue, that he’d understood what he’d been feeling was regret. That Julia would one day be smart and beautiful—there has already been hints of it in her soft, curved lips and upturned nose, her long legs, like a colt—and that he might love her. And maybe she might love him. But she was five years younger, and those feelings would never overlap, like sunrise and sunset. At least not until much later. Life suddenly seemed full of endless moments like these, to trip him up, to disappoint him, to complicate his life to paralysis."


My story, "Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken," is in issue 27 of Superstition Review! You can read the whole story or listen to me here it here: