New Memoir at Split Lip Magazine!

I don't write about myself often, because I think my life is boring (and my imagination so much more fertile). Now my immediate family except for my brother has passed on, however, I often think about how to preserve my family, my memories, to a world that will be largely indifferent to them when I also pass. This has meant being braver and trying to write about myself, even as I've closed the door to most things that happened before I went away to college and became, in my mind, my own person, the one who I wanted to be. 

This memoir piece, "Stations of the Working-Class Pubescent Cross," is one of those attempts. Thanks to Krys Malcolm Belc and everyone at Split Lip Magazine for giving it love and attention: 

"While we wait in the vestibule out front, that glass purgatory, we shift our weight, gripping our secondhand bowling balls and bags, and wonder how we know we’re going somewhere."

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