“Jen Michalski’s second novel is an intense emotional commitment, but a worthwhile one.” – Ploughshares

“Jen is an astonishingly sensitive writer.” – HTML Giant

“Jen Michalski excels in subtlety that is made possible by her nuanced understanding of voice.” – The Rumpus

“Jen is a writerly heavyweight.” – Nate Brown, American Short Fiction

“We’re lucky to have Michalski before the rest of the world discovers her. But they will.” – Baltimore City Paper

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I wound up turning a recent blog entry ("Afterschool Specials With Dogs") into a story, called "God's Creatures," and you can read it in the spring 2012 issue of the Baltimore Review. I don't usually write from my life, because it's actually pretty boring, but I couldn't pass it up, in this instance. Of course, my dog Sophie (a Boston terrier) will be shocked to learn I turned her into a French bulldog (named Dim-Sum). Or maybe not: both breeds have an ambassador-esque quality that make them virtually useless as guard dogs.

I also was honored to be among so many great writers in this year's longlist of very short fictions compiled by Wigleaf Magazine for my story "Evolution," which appeared at kill author last year. Congratulations to the winners!